Artslandia stands in solidarity with the Black community, here in Portland and across America, for deep and significant progress toward racial justice. We are outraged by the murder of George Floyd and countless others fueled by persistent systemic racism in our society and institutions.
We are listening to our friends, colleagues, neighbors in the Black community and hear their pain, fear, and anguish— but also their resolve to demand change. We commit to listening, learning, and holding space for Black artists and underrepresented voices of our community. We recognize it will never be enough, missteps will be made, and it will be a continuing effort for us to do better.
We stand with and strive to actively listen to our friends, colleagues, and fellow community members who are engaging their voices and bodies in peaceful protest and resistance drawing attention to how centuries of Black oppression and White Supremacy in America have led to this breaking point.
We advocate for widespread systemic, anti-racist change for specifically the Black community who needs our immediate action, and we recognize that racism and white oppression is inflicted on all people of color. This must end. We, as a country and as individuals, must fight to ensure equality in safety, justice, and opportunity, for all.
We believe that each of us has a role to play working together toward that change. It will take all of you reading this to do what you can do—your voice, your body, your money—with all the privileges you have. For each of us, it will be a different path, but whatever your path do something. We must.


Now is the time to take action. We stand with Resonance Ensemble’s Open Letter from the arts community to Governor Kate Brown, Mayor Ted Wheeler and other state and local officials that condemns systemic racial violence by law enforcement, and demands urgent and substantive change to prevent brutality and enact justice in Oregon as laid out by the NAACP.
We urge our readers to read and sign the letter HERE.
We believe that each of us has a role to play working together toward change. Join us and our arts community in taking this action.